DEER ANTLER MAGIC is the premier product made to restore, recolor and darken moose, elk, caribou and deer antlers back to their original colors.

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DEER ANTLER MAGIC is the premier, easiest to use product made to restore, recolor and darken Moose, Elk, Caribou and Deer Antlers back to their original colors.

DEER ANTLER MAGIC comes in a dry concentrated form in 1/2 cup sample size to 10 pound boxes. There is enough DAM in a bag to keep even an antler restoring nut supplied for years. Other companies sell you gallons that do no where near what a spoon full of this stuff does. Once the activator is introduced, the products softens and turns into a liquid. All left overs are reusable.There is no waste. There is nothing on the market that compares to DAM’s ease of use, speed of application or final product results. You be the judge. VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE >

I was wondering what is the best way to restore color in old antlers? I have heard using wood stain and shoe polish work, but didn’t want to try it and ruin the antlers. What do you guys suggest?
A friend of mine turned me on to Pete Porters DEER ANTLER MAGIC. This stuff is amazing! I didn’t even know something like existed before, and my taxidermy guy had no clue! I need to fill him on Pete’s great product! Thanks! John Barrows

Hi Pete. Just a short note to say your product did the trick and my rack now looks awesome! Thanks for the great support and advice on using this great product! Steve Walsh

Owner, Wild Bills Taxidermy

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