Buck Rack Before and After

Before and After Results Using Deer Antler Magic

Deer Antler Magic

DAM is activated by a raw (not eco-friendly) lacquer thinner. Many brands work fine. I use Crown lacquer thinner that can be purchased at Sherman WIlliams Paint stores. I will add to the list when I find others that work. Klean Strip changed it’s formula and the new stuff will not work. Also mineral spirits will work. Not as good especially in cold weather. You have to use DAM outside every time in a well ventilated area and never around a heat source, fire or any pilot lights. There is a combustable vapor. You are working with a flammable substance once the lacquer thinner is applied. Prior to that it is extremely hard to light. The activator evaporates very fast and is easy to work with and control the color. Please watch the video prior to purchase.


UPDATED PRICES FOR CHECKS: I do not like to use PAYPAL so if you want to send a personal check I will ship for free. Send the check made out to me with “DAM” and size you need in the memo part of the check.

1/2 cup SAMPLE SIZE- $24.00 + $6.00 shipping = $30.00

1 cup DAM- $35.00 + $6.00 shipping  = $41.00

1 Pound DAM- $50.00 + $12.00 shipping  = $62.00

3 pounds DAM- $125.00 + $20.00 shipping = $145.00

XXL DAM-  10 pounds, $400.00 shipped.

No sales to California or Texas as you can not get a lacquer thinner that will work in these states. “IF” you can find Acrysol made by Kent Industries(available as most auto windshield replacement shops and auto body shops) that will work. If you are from one of these states and want to contact me about a potential purchase, please do prior to ordering DAM. I’d rather have a check than Paypal every day of the week. I encourage you to contact me when doing your first set of antlers. Make sure the thinner melts the DAM to a mud consistency prior to trying it. If it does not, you need a different thinner.

Make check or money order out to: Pete Porter and send to: 175 Bliss Road, White River Junction VT 05001

WE TAKE PAYPAL. Email us at porterkarate@hotmail.com